Yoga benifits, Coffee, and Me time

As I sit here in my room in front of my computer while I drink my coffee I mind begins to wonder about all the things I have to do today. I have to work this evening, I have a car to clean, clothes to put away, a doctors appointment, school stuff I have to get taken care of. All of these things I start thinking about and then start worrying about. Then I remember that its time for Yoga. Yoga for me is my “Me time”. If you don’t know what “Me time” is let me tell you. Its time that you take out of your day just to focus on you. Its really important. We get so caught up in work and school and just life, that we forget to take time to for just ourselves to remember what our goals are or are dreams are. I believe very strongly that God has a plan for us. There is no need to worry because it will all work out. Taking my me time and doing yoga or anything else I like to do like journaling or reading my bible helps me remember to “Let go and let GOD.”

I know Yoga isn’t for everyone but it is so much fun to me that I wanted to share with all of you the benefits behind yoga.

Yoga is a proven technique that gives you strength, mental health, agility, flexibility, over all well being etc. Feel depressed? Stressed? tired? emotionally drained ? Well your answer is Yoga.

  • Fitness, your over all fitness of your body will improve. Yoga will give you strength and help tone your muscle.
  • Weight Management, different exercises help with over all weight management. Sun salutation sequence is really good for that. It helps reduce fat and cholesterol level and increases good cholesterol.
  • Energy, Yoga keeps you refreshed. Just a few minutes of yoga everyday or 10 minutes of meditation before you start your day, will rejuvenate you and keeps you recharged for the rest of the day.
  • Flexibility and Good posture, Yoga helps tome the body muscles and helps relieve pain that arises from incorrect posture.
  • Stress Relief, Yoga helps in detoxifying the body and helps in releasing stress and tensions from the body.
  • Improved Immunity, Yoga helps improve immunity and helps in blood circulation.
  • Peace and Intuition, yoga helps calm the mind and leads to a more serene state.
  • Asthma or Breathing Problems, People practicing yoga have a better chance to control their breathing abilities.
  • High Blood Pressure, with breathing techniques and different postures, studies have revealed that it lowers the blood pressure.
  • Pain management, pain like back pain, arthritis, can be cured with yoga using different asana. Yoga helps rejuvenating the cartilage between two bones.
  • Positive Energy, Yoga channelizes positive energy and helps make connection with oneself therefore raising awareness. It gives you power to change yourself, to cleanse yourself, to treat your body like a temple and keep it clean and worthy. Positive energy is contagious.

“Inhale the future, exhale the past.”

“You create your own calm.”

“Yoga is not for the flexible, Its for the willing.”

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